Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter blues hits me hard and i feel bad for Danny who has to be around this grumpy girl the most. The shoveling, the scraping, the slipping on ice and being cold is not my idea of a fun season. Yeah sure you look outside and its beautiful when you see the fresh fallen snow, the white city, but for the most part, time to enjoy it is limited. Things are more expensive it seems and things just get to be a hassle. But since Wesley seems to enjoy the snow i do like it more because of that but i get cautious for him Since age is creeping up on me i cant do the things i used to, i get hurt easier and recover slower so having fun in the snow is not as fun when you have to be more cautious. I hate being too cautious when it comes to adventure. With some things like summer sports and activities i don't know before I'm probably going to get hurt but when i go snowboarding i know i most likely probably will since it wont be as much fun if i don't come close to being hurt. I also know that going skiing or snowboarding is super cool so hey how can i stop when the pressure is on and i am striving in life to be so cool by freezing my ace off and throwing myself down a mountain. However there are some rare cases that the snow is so good that you can do whatever and you dont feel like you wasted your money or time. I guess I'm not cool enough to say that i like it no matter what, or I'm a snow snob, but whatever it is i just like to have fun, stay warm and not get hurt in the snow. For some odd reason in my mind i would rather hurt myself climbing, biking, playing soccer or whatnot. To me snow is only good for falling in when very deep, giving the earth moisture and looking pretty, other than that i say "i hate you snow you depress me, you need to be warmer and not so slippery ok!!The sun is very nice to me, i love outdoors and to me its better when its warm and maybe i just like the actual activities more. Anyway here is a video clip(my front flip attempt) of a great day in the snow that makes me and snow have a better relationship. It was good to me one or two days out of the year cuz i could try this and know i wouldnt get hurt.
front flip attempt

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I have to post this comment to really get it out so here it is: P.S. I really suck at the layouts of our posts and forget to spell check. Sorry i get too lazy to organize them all nice. Hope they are ok enough to read anyway. Happy Holidays to you all!

Thankgiving in AZ and Chicago

Thanks gving in Arizona was fun and warm.We were able to enjoy the weather and be outside. On Thanksgiving day we ran the Mesa Turkey Trot which was 6.2 miles. It was alot of fun and no hills like Utah. Then of course we ate a bunch and then hung out and played some fun games. The Danny and I went to Chicago for his works sales shindig and that was a lot of fun too but we sure missed Wesley a lot since we left him with his aunt Vanesa for 4 days. While danny worked hard I hung out with another lady and we went to some great art museums, an aquarium and looked around town a bit. It was freezing, windy cold, snowy, bitter cold and did i mention freezing. The cold air that comes off of the Lake just bits through your clothes especially badly when its windy. However it was still fun and beautiful. We got to walk around a little the first day since it was not that bad but most days were too cold to even walk a couple of blocks. Dannys work payed for the expenses there and they took us out to such nice restaurants. Its a very classy exciting city and if it werent for those colder than utah winters i would move there. Maybe i would anyway but it seems like the older i get the less i like the cold. So Chicago was really fun and the huge McCormick center where danny had his Radiology Marketing thingy was huge. The boothes were practically little house inside the center. Well then I flew back to Az to get Wesley and hes seemed a little shocked and confused when he saw me. I thought he would run up and give me a hug but know it was more like hey where have you been and dont you ever do that again. He just starred at me for a while. Since then the last couple of days he has been more clingy but thats ok i love the comfort of his clinginness. well then in Az Danny returned a couple of days after me and we hung out in Az for a little while longer playing fun games going to see fake snow in Tempe and listening to a band there as well. Wesley loved the music there he was dancing around and looking for friends to talk to, i think he was that bands biggest fan. And then the good times came to an end. Thanks to everyone in Az for thier great hospitality and fun.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Well we are excited for the holidays that are coming soon. Like always we will be traveling for it all since our families (most of them) live outside of Utah. This post is not that interesting but I'm just putting it out there anyway. I just wanted to write an update on us before we head off for Thanksgiving. 
Wesley: Im sure you all hear from other people and yourself the new things baby's learn so nothing to exciting but just in case anyone was wondering what hes learning these days here you go. Wesley is learning new things and words and sounds every day. He says(in his best way possible); Hi, Hola, Diego, Cracker, dont(a moms least favorite), baby, tickle, giggle, daddy, mommy, doggie, milk,rock, boo, go, uh-oh, yah yah, e-i-e-i-o,dog sounds, bird sounds,puts his finger over his mouth and says ssshhh and loves plugging peoples noses to hear the funny sounds it makes and my favorite is when he says ow because of the funny face he makes whenever he says it. He getting better at commands like look, sit, no, dont touch, out, and more.He's running, throwing things, dancing, singing, and likes to play the harmonica and guitar, he loves music. We have a video of him playing the harmonica which wont upload but below is one of him singing. It was taken quite a few months ago.(please dont pay any attention to the nasty bum singing with him) He also gives high fives, blows kisses, gives kisses and hugs while patting you on the back and when you say soft he pets anything with his hand softly. He likes to smell things, blow on food, make faces in the mirror and i love when he gives us courtesy laughs. Anyway, i just wanted to list them although you all pretty much know since its what all kids his age start doing.
Josalyn and Danny: Josalyns work is going great and she is getting more and more clients.We are going to have to have the babysitter come more often. Oh and i have to mention this cool book i just finished the other day called Nobility of Spirit by Rob Riemen and highly recommend it to anyone of any kind! Volunteering at the body worlds is going well too. We went a couple of days ago and took Wesleys babysitters for free and we all loved it! Since it was a free night for Volunteers and their families it was super packed, too packed, but still enjoyed every minute of every information. Even when i went back the next day for my shift i was still amazed and enjoyed looking again. Danny is enjoying his job as well and being a great dad, he has not had to travel much lately which is nice but pretty soon he will. We are redoing our downstairs apt. It will be done at the end of Nov. and hopefully we can get a renter in there so if anyone knows anyone looking for a basement apt for rent let us know( it comes with a pool)! Other than that time has been flying by. Why is it when you have a kid it seems like time speeds up? Click on the link below. PS you can find other videos of us on youtube from this too but they are kinda dumb


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

1.2 mile swim+56 mile bike+13 mile run= 7 hours of fun!

Well its over with finally. I finished the Silverman half-ironman after 7 hours and 19 min. There were so many hills, no wonder they call is the most grueling triathlon. My 1.2 mile swim was pretty slow, since i have bad form it hurt my back after a while and then the 56 mile bike i felt a little better but those crazy hills slowed me down for sure and then came the 13 mile run which was my better part, i always can do better in the run even though its last. We swam in Lake Mead it rained the first hour so we started an hour late and then we started the swim and a coupe minutes after it rained again. It was warmer in the water, then the bike was windy and cold but the run was warmer. The weather was the worst part of the whole race but at least we got to do it all, they almost had to cancel the swim part. Can you imagine the full distance ones that swim for 2 miles bike 112 miles and run 26 miles, wow maybe when im retired that would be possible. Most of the people doing the full were retired since they have the money and all day to train. Dannys parents came to watch, it was good to have more fans there. thanks guys! We had a good time with them exploring this part of las vegas. The day before my race though Wesley had a scary fall which turned out to not ne so bad. I freaked out cuz he hit his head on a rock and was bleeding so bad everywhere. Since the head is so vascular it looked worse than it was, we cleaned all the blood and he had 2 little bumps and a small cut. He was fine after when we got home from the event from checking in for the race. anyway there are some pics of the race and of his poor little head you can se the blood on his shirt and the other one is his bath time after, he didnt seem to be in much pain but one week ago he would have been saved by his helmet! well there is probably more bumps and scrapes to come, yikes! The drive back was tiring even though i didnt drive on the way back thanks to danny but it was still tiring. Danny was so kind to suport me in this from the start to the end and  especially since it was his birthday this weekend too! 

Wesleys first snow fall

Here are some pics of wesleys first tie in the snow, he loved it till he got stuck in it. We didnt have any gloves for him at the time but he didnt seem to mind, the next day we bought some!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yes another one-Angels Landing Hike

That Song by Zion Lauryn Hill Describes this place perfectly."Now the joy of my world is in zion, beautiful beautiful zion la la la. She wasnt talking about Zions national Park but i was singing it all the way up and down. We only got to hike up Angels Landing  but there is so much more to explore in the future and we cant wait to return. We went with Marie, shes lives in St George so we visited with her there too, she made us some killer waffles, thanks for your hospitality Marie! Im sure Wesley loved the hike as well even though he fell asleep on the way down.

election day and other news

Well its election day and we are excited for the new President! Hopefully the new one that is farthest from Bush and we could go on about this but we wont. Wesley got his HELMET OFF!!!! Yeah. Below are some pictures oh him before and after. He ahd some long hair in there and we would have left it had mom cut it the right way but she did not so Heidi gave Wesley his first pro haircut. The other pictures are him showing how strong he is, his new love of riding in the bike trailer and his new love of being buried in the leaves. Sorry no pics of dressing up for halloween, he dressed down as a kid with no helmet. We enjoyed the warm weather but now it gets cold waaaahhh!!! Josalyn aslo got her new shoes for her race and excited to use them. The picture with his long hair he was being entertained by Jeramys guitar playing, he loved listening to a better player than his mom i think. 

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Granduer Peak/Beehive Tea Room

So a friend of mine (Marie) was in town so we decided to go for a quick hike to see the leaves changing and the great view from the top. We went up Grandeur Peak and it was beautiful as always. The last time we did this same hike Wesley was one month from being born so technically its his second time up there, however it didnt seem like he remembered much, hehe. When we got to the top we realized that his helmet was coming loose and we lost the screws so it broke. So he got to have it off for a good long time until we were smart enough to realize we could use the other screws from the other old helmets to fix it and bodabing bodabang  it was ready to go back on.  Anyway it was a good weekend, since on Sunday we also took tracks with Dannys friend and his kids to a really cool cafe. Well its called the Beehive Tea room, so its not quite a cafe cuz when you walk in its got different rooms that are so relaxing and cozy and you can order something to eat and drink. We highly recommend it for a nice relaxing meal or snack or to go and collect your thoughts, as we were here it was like we were transported to another place. It had such ambiance. Maybe because its got such an oldies feel to it, a classical feel. They play jazz, and blues music the kinda lounging music that would really help you do some good writing or drawing if your into that. It makes a great end to a hard week or day. I just had to blog it since its super cool.

Decorated with an eclectic mix of second-hand furniture, the Beehive gives an atmosphere of having "stepped back in time" when tearooms in cities like New York and San Francisco were bohemian hangouts frequented by artists and writers. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Helmet News and Cousin Visit

Well just in case anyone was wondering about when Wesley gets his helmet off we've on an answer for you, November 2nd. This is a year from when he first
 got it. When we would go to the doctor who makes the helmets he would say not till January and we were a little confused since they said a year from surgery, but the surgeon looked at it a week ago and said his head is perfect, just a couple more weeks. Yaya! Things have 
worked out so well and although it says craniosynostosis sucks on his helmet, we should  mention that it actually has its advantages like avoiding head injuries. Now im sure i will be paranoid when it comes off and be more careful and also I will have to make sure that his hair cuts are a little better since i cant hide them anymore. I added some photos of before and after. Its hard to tell the difference with all his hair but his head is not as long and his forehead doesnt stick out. The surgery made him a soft spot that allowed room for his brain to grow which has now closed at the same time a regular soft spot closes. We are lucky to have such good medical care these days, just 5 years ago it would have been a lot worse for Wesley. Also Wesley visited his cousins at Thanksgiving point, he had a great time with them with all the rides and games, its a great fun place to go and probably better when its not so crowded. I will post some pics later when i get them from my sis that so kindly took them for me!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sleepless night because of a crazy woman

Sleepless night because of a crazy woman

Ok I just had to blog this because it was weird and scary. We have had some bad experiences before like being robbed at our old apt while we were sleeping and or the people next to us yelling and keeping us up all night or meeting a guy and finding out later that he killed his wife a week later. But wed night we had a weird encounter with a lady that we think was on drugs and or drunk. At like 12:30 we hear some talking we were not sure if it was one person or two but then suddenly we hear a pounding noise at our door and it gets louder and louder and we hear a womans voice saying "ah come on open, open." The pounding on our front door lasted a good while and after the first loud pound danny calls 911. while we wait for the cops to show up this lady is going to every door and every window pounding and hard as she can trying to get in and yelling. we see her hands scrape the window like an old scary Halloween movie. then she moves to the sliding glass door and starts pounding on that and trying to get in we turn on the light out there and finally see her. She had long brown/reddish hair, in a tank top(its was cold out too)with tattoos everywhere. Our faces and eyes meet and we can hear her and shes saying "open the door" over and over. We said to her do you need help like 5 times and her reply was "are you retarded." Well I probably did look retarded with my hair all crazy,black mascara smudged eyes and the freaked out face I was making. Finally she too off running and the cops got there two minutes too late. He starts looking for her up and down the street then she comes running down the street again and started rolling around on our lawn. We call 911 and tell them we see her again and the cop comes and finally catches her. phew!! all done. of course i cant sleep after something like that.  Especially considering we have been robbed before and one of my clients just told me that same day that there was a woman going around scoping out house to rob. yikes! it was a different lady but still yikes. well we think she was just having some drug/alcohol related symptoms and maybe she thought our house was the house she was suppose to be at or was her house. she seemed like she was frustrated that she couldn't get in like it was her house. anyways that was a scary night, i grabbed Wesley brought him into out bed and couldn't get it out of my head. i think Danny got a little sleep since nothing ever seemed to worry him AS Much as it does me. hey other than that things are great, Wesley is learning and growing great and life is just dandy! p.s. lock your doors at all times you never know when someone will try to get in when they don't even know where they are or if they do!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Body Worlds yeah!!!!

The next four months will be an exciting time for many reasons. One reasons is that we get to see more family and friends and the other reason is because Josalyn gets to help out at the Body Worlds famous anatomy exhibit. Here is a picture of one of the many displays. This is such a cool exhibit, it takes me back to the college days in anatomy class, but at least these bodies dont smell, they are all preserved through plasination. This exhibit i cant express enough how amazing it is, maybe im just really into the body but one could spend all day looking at them all. My job will vary from day to day hour to hour but the first time I got to hang out and monitor the exhibit, and I think next time i get to help with some dissections of pigs or frogs in the Leo Zone. While Im there volunteering Welsey hangs out with his buddies Jeff, Laura and the two pugs. He loves feeding his snacks to the dogs. We appreciate their kindness to watch him while we are gone.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

These two picture descibe just a little bit about Wesley. He loves making faces, one of the funny ones are when he makes a fist and grunts. Also hes really into climbing up things. With his helmet off you can tell mom did a bad job cutting his hair for the 3rd time. oh well, we will just cover it up anyay. Here he is climbing to the top of the changing table. Dont know how he got all the way up but he made it safely to the top.

We had the chance of seeing Josalyns sister and her family from Penn., as well as her other two sisters and thier families that are not so far away. We had a fun day playing at Bridal Veil Falls, looking offf of Squaw Peak(not enough time for us to make out though), and going on a great hay ride to look for some pumpkins. Oh yeah then brother-in-law Timbo made us all a great dinner. Wesley had fun with his cousins. We are sad to see the summer passing by but winter means vacation time to see more family and friends!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

miss ya!

Wesley is playing his " I miss you daddy" song on the guitar, hes better than mommy !

Well we usually post something that we have done, or something new and cool but today its just a post about a harder week. Although i only get a little taste of what its like to have your husband gone for a long time(empathy to those who's spouses are gone more than a week), its still hard. Danny is gone this week and i should be grateful its not longer, but i still miss him a lot. Not just because i have to take Wesley into work with me in the morning when hes gone but because i miss him walking in the door yelling to Wesley and me "hello my buddys I'm home." Hes in Boston for work right now. Hes not gone that much so i shouldnt be complaining but when hes gone it like i just want to sleep so the day he comes home will be sooner. But me i cant sleep when hes gone, thats the other hard thing, i get less sleep tossing and turining and just thinking. My mind is always going, unfortunately for danny sometimes i keep him up at night because of it. Besause of him though being able to talk it out of my mind or him telling me to just go to bed so many times helps me fall asleep but now hes gone and ill have to meditate or something. Somtimes i just want to grab Wesley from his crib and cuddle with him,( sleeping babys in my arms help me fall asleep), but then he or I wont sleep good in the end. Anyway, we miss Danny and hope to go with him next time to the east coast cuz we love it over there! Although this does mean that i dont have to cook as much or as good, Im no good at it anyway. Oh and the cleaning gets a little easier too. Oh, I just gotta look at the positives, wow i do feel much better, but not really. Who is gonna talk to me about how we can get OBAMA to WIN the election? sorry to the bloggers that are mccain fans. And who is gonna take out Wesleys carseat when Im complaining about my strained ligament in my wrist, or my back aches. Well we miss and love you DB for a million more reasons as well. =-)