Sunday, September 28, 2008

These two picture descibe just a little bit about Wesley. He loves making faces, one of the funny ones are when he makes a fist and grunts. Also hes really into climbing up things. With his helmet off you can tell mom did a bad job cutting his hair for the 3rd time. oh well, we will just cover it up anyay. Here he is climbing to the top of the changing table. Dont know how he got all the way up but he made it safely to the top.

We had the chance of seeing Josalyns sister and her family from Penn., as well as her other two sisters and thier families that are not so far away. We had a fun day playing at Bridal Veil Falls, looking offf of Squaw Peak(not enough time for us to make out though), and going on a great hay ride to look for some pumpkins. Oh yeah then brother-in-law Timbo made us all a great dinner. Wesley had fun with his cousins. We are sad to see the summer passing by but winter means vacation time to see more family and friends!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

miss ya!

Wesley is playing his " I miss you daddy" song on the guitar, hes better than mommy !

Well we usually post something that we have done, or something new and cool but today its just a post about a harder week. Although i only get a little taste of what its like to have your husband gone for a long time(empathy to those who's spouses are gone more than a week), its still hard. Danny is gone this week and i should be grateful its not longer, but i still miss him a lot. Not just because i have to take Wesley into work with me in the morning when hes gone but because i miss him walking in the door yelling to Wesley and me "hello my buddys I'm home." Hes in Boston for work right now. Hes not gone that much so i shouldnt be complaining but when hes gone it like i just want to sleep so the day he comes home will be sooner. But me i cant sleep when hes gone, thats the other hard thing, i get less sleep tossing and turining and just thinking. My mind is always going, unfortunately for danny sometimes i keep him up at night because of it. Besause of him though being able to talk it out of my mind or him telling me to just go to bed so many times helps me fall asleep but now hes gone and ill have to meditate or something. Somtimes i just want to grab Wesley from his crib and cuddle with him,( sleeping babys in my arms help me fall asleep), but then he or I wont sleep good in the end. Anyway, we miss Danny and hope to go with him next time to the east coast cuz we love it over there! Although this does mean that i dont have to cook as much or as good, Im no good at it anyway. Oh and the cleaning gets a little easier too. Oh, I just gotta look at the positives, wow i do feel much better, but not really. Who is gonna talk to me about how we can get OBAMA to WIN the election? sorry to the bloggers that are mccain fans. And who is gonna take out Wesleys carseat when Im complaining about my strained ligament in my wrist, or my back aches. Well we miss and love you DB for a million more reasons as well. =-)

Monday, September 08, 2008

National Ability Center Fun

here is us doing the tango challenge, its fun to be a kid again

Josalyns friend Rae, convinced her to take the summit challenge. It was a 50 mile bike in Park city/Kamas area. It was held by the National Ability Center in Park city and was such a beautiful ride. After the ride we got to go check out thier monkey ropes course. It was fun tight rope walking and tangoing up high on the boards with danny. Thanks Rae and Ben for letting us play! And since Josalyn didnt die on the bike ride that day she decided to sign up for the Silverman Half-Ironman this November in Las Vegas. 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13 mile run, yikes. maybe she will die after this! We are already making funeral preparations=)