Thursday, August 27, 2009

2 year-old fun

Wesley is getting so big and smart. He started preschool last wed and he loved it and they loved him, its a great place not just daycare and its perfect for when i go to work! He turned two this July and has been a very good two year-old so far. He loves singing the alphabet and his numbers in English and Spanish. Hes doesnt know them all but quite a few. He knows a lot of words in English and Spanish and he can pretty much copy anything we say which means we gotta watch what we say! ha. he has gone pee and poop in the toilet once but we got lucky he likes using the toilet but just doesn't know when, no rush.WE had a July birthday bash for 3 kids. Wesley, Braden and Dax. We had a bbque pool party at our house and it was a blast

Dawnya jumping off the top with Luke ya!
Smile Wes! happy 2 year old b-day! we love you

the july birthday boys-dax, wesley and braden
wesley loves to wear these mr. potato head glasses.
he also loves to sing and found a microphone outside (a sprinkler head)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

On our friends Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Costa Rica!!!! This was so much fun mostly because of the people we went with. we love them dearly they are so awesomely amazing people and so fun to be around. Our good friends from Colorado invited us on thier Honeymoon to Costa Rica Puerto Viejo. WE had good times chillin, surfin, hiking, eating and swimming. Our little cabin was nice and cozy and the people there were so nice. Thanks to Andy and Jen for inviting us. Here is the link to our picasa web album if you want to lok at more pics.

Danny is afraid of sloths. those claws are dangerous looking even though they cant catch you. baaahhhaaa!!
Old time friends
Nice hikeBread and chocolate. a great place to eat

the whole soccer clan. they also gave us a ride back to our cabin since my bike got a flat, so nice
playing some soccer with some new random costa rican friends
this is a funny pic for many reasons
this hot black guy disturbed me while practicing my uke and i was glad sorry danny this guys mine now! this sand just stuck to him so well
love these guys! the honeymooners. i dont think we ruined their honeymoon too much (i hope) hehe
Here we are at the bus saying goodbye waaahh!
I actually got up it was fun surfing the the ride was over too soon cuz the waves were so small.

Danny got up easy even on his first try. he looks so gnarly here! hehe
waiting for the bus playing my ukulele danny bought for me for my b-day.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Vancouver trip the last days

The last of our vancouver trip pics. What a great trip it was we saw so much and surprisingly didnt hurt our bank account with all we saved from eating ramen, hotdogs, and camping most the time! Wesley did so good the whole time and we think he had fun too!
.Day 14 taking a dip/bath in hells canyon the snake river. This river is so wide and awesome!

Day 13 Alot of driving and Hells canyon for a picnic and camp

Day 12 First part of the drive home we saw Mt. Hood from so many places.
Wesley wanted to show his skills. He held tight to the rock but couldnt get both feet up yet. come on wes!!!

Day 12 climbing and bouldering on Elwha wall in olympic national park. It was good climbing but there were parts where the rock was falling apart

Day 12 Sol Duc falls hike. Olympic national park washington. yeah!

Day 12 Sol Duc Falls hike Olympic Park washinton still.

Day 11 Later that night we went to Sol Duc camping area and they had natural hot springs there. Warm and stinky it was and wes loved it. The trees were so furry! Olympics national park is where Twilight was filmed if anyone was curious, they love to claim that!

Day 11 This was Hurricane ridge in Olympic Park washington. It was cool to see the mountains and the ocean in the back. We did a couple of hikes here. The lower ones are pics of us on another ferry to Olympics National Park.