Monday, February 16, 2009

Flips in the snow

So a couple of weeks ago it snowed like crazy here and so we decided to go snowboarding with our friends jeremy and weston. we went to the canyons and it was a good good day. most of the snow was packed down but we were able to find some deep powder if we hiked a little ways to 99 ninety. it was so nice, and its the only reason to like the snow and cold weather. we were able to try some tricks. josalyn had to encourage the boys to try some flips by doing it first. the front flips had more somewhat succesful landings but we were able to do some back flips too which weston was best at. the first one is danny, the next two pics with the blue helmet(safety first) is josalyns flips, then followed by weston then jeremy. wow we sure got high that day!!!! makes your heart beat so fast all day long after doing these! 

Monday, February 09, 2009


A while back we had some friends over for sushi. Ashley, Eli and Asher, whom we met climbing. Ashley is a great massage therapist so i am promoting her but doesnt know it yet hehe. We get better and better every time we make sushi well at least we think so. The rice is better and we get creative and end up eating a lot! glad its so good for you. My friend taryn gave me  a sushi kit and we finally broke it out again and wore the cool bandanas that go along with it. It was a fun night, we will have to do it once a month or more. Isnt Asher so cute, Welsey and him have a lot of fun together. I just love these pics.

Friday, February 06, 2009

A new haircut and some ice sledding

  Alot has happened over the last couple of weeks but these are the only pics on our computer to we will start with these happenings. We finally took Wesley for his first day of sledding. We went to sugarhouse park and it was all ice but it was fun anyway. he seemed to like it a lot and he went by himself too and enjoyed it as well. Also he got a haircut finally so its not the greatest cut, great clips did it and its too short i think (better than i would do though). i think he looks like Jim carry on dumb and dumber. but we can do different styles so that's ok. i do miss the shaggy long look though its more his style i think or maybe just his parents style for him hehe.  there are some before and after pics the after ones are first and the before ones are on bottom, you can probably tell which is which. the one with me and him was after a wedding and he had spit up some chocolate cake and ruined his nice shirt but oh well they were all free anyway from my sister -thanks dawnya!