Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Halloween 09 in logan

Wesley as Max from "Where the wild things are."
Cousins go trick or treating!

We all went swimming too in the hotel and welsey loves drinking water especially from a fountain.

Some pics from Halloween in Logan. Sistas- i will send you all more pics if you want but this is just a couple. they were all so cute!

Ibex bouldering

Before it got too cold we were able to go to Ibex to do some bouldering. Ibex is by Delta and there are many fun boulders to climb and sand everywhere, its beautiful. Wesley really loved playing in the sand and so did we. Some places with lots of sand we climbed and if we fell its much nicer than falling and trying to aim for the mat. Anyway we went with some friends and camped a couple of days and had a great time with them.
Dannys crooked back-flip.

Some random old car that wesley liked to play in but was a but too rusty and dangerous.
Funny face wesley after he woke up from a nice sandy nap.

more cool routes

Wesley also loved this old thang, whatever it was it kept him busy and happy.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

some new stuff

We have had a great end of summer and here are some pics from some recent activities.
me and wes at octoberfest. yummy kettle corn
wesleys new haircut. very different but we think its cute
wesley loves trucks so he really liked his pic with this big one
hike to the top of snowbird
hotel room at snowbird after octoberfest. i know we only live like 20 min away but it was fun
me and wes on alpine slide

bouncing around at the octoberfest
american fork-me climbing membrane

after preschool, they didnt even put a paint shirt on him!
first day of preschool
danny free climbing joes valley

joes valley

joes valley bouldering
gathering for a big fire
maple canyon, one of out favorite places to climb -dannyme
me, wes, ashley and asher trying to warm up!

It was a great summer and loved the warmth but now we have to survive the winter by playing in the snow i guess.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

30th bday blast

So my sisters and my mom all came to slc for my 30th b-day. we decided to celebrate by floating in the air at I fly in ogden utah. Its pretty cool even 3 year-old could do this. It was so fun just floating every where up and down and twirling around. We went there and then ate some lunch at a sushi place. We also went to a comedy club which was pretty funny too and much more. It was fun to see and hang out with them again. Alyse really wanted to ride this black horse. This was after we had a great sushi lunch! I didnt have any pics of sareah and crishelle but hopefully briannes got em in her camera.
my mom spinning around
good skydiving form by momma j
dawnya light as a feather
me floating way up there

i couldnt get the glasses over my big nose hehe. j/k
dawnya sporting the blue suit
crishelle and sareah in the black suits
me and momma j in the green
we always have fun with sleeping babies. alyse was an easy target for some late-night fun.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

2 year-old fun

Wesley is getting so big and smart. He started preschool last wed and he loved it and they loved him, its a great place not just daycare and its perfect for when i go to work! He turned two this July and has been a very good two year-old so far. He loves singing the alphabet and his numbers in English and Spanish. Hes doesnt know them all but quite a few. He knows a lot of words in English and Spanish and he can pretty much copy anything we say which means we gotta watch what we say! ha. he has gone pee and poop in the toilet once but we got lucky he likes using the toilet but just doesn't know when, no rush.WE had a July birthday bash for 3 kids. Wesley, Braden and Dax. We had a bbque pool party at our house and it was a blast

Dawnya jumping off the top with Luke ya!
Smile Wes! happy 2 year old b-day! we love you

the july birthday boys-dax, wesley and braden
wesley loves to wear these mr. potato head glasses.
he also loves to sing and found a microphone outside (a sprinkler head)