Friday, June 19, 2009

May stuff

The month of may has been fun, busy and rewarding. We got to enjoy the nice weather a lot before it rained tons in june and we got a lot done on our house. A life was born, her name is Alyse. Life is good here in sugarhouse. We went climbing with our friends brooke and jon in big cottonwood canyon and learned how to lead climb better. i thought this pic of wesley was cute.
Also in may we finally finished our rental apt below us and we got a renter to move in. Hes very nice, from mexico city and make really good homemade tamales, they were so good. In these pics it was "practically" finished.

We went climbing in American fork canyon. This was a really long climb but so fun,we went with our friends Brooke and Jon again, it was so fun, and then my sister dawnya treated us to a b-bque, thanks tim and dawnya!

My Sister Crishelle had a beautiful baby girl(Alyse) in may. this was very exciting, shes so cute! We also celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! Danny and Josalyn going strong 5 years, yeah, we went to eat sushi at the naked fish and it was super good. welsey liked it too!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

summer so far

this to the right is obviously not me but this is the place where we were doing jumps
wes at the hogle zoo. seems like hes always thinking hard about what hes doing or where hes at.

update: well we have been enjoying the summer. we have gotten to go climbing and biking alot. a few exciting things are that we finished the apt and now have a renter we ill post pics of the apt when we get them on the computer. josalyn found a indoor soccer team to play on so thats really fun. we learned how to lead climb and lead belay and everything else so we can go climbing outside anytime by ourselves or take people we got all the gear too! josayn had a great crash going off a jump above the avenues, once we get some pics of the jump we will put those on as well but she managed to live but did get a shiner(the pic above).  we took wes to the zoo too and he liked the turkeys the most since they were the ones making the most noise and movements. wesley is learning to talk more and more everyday but getting into trouble too but hes so fun. so that is it, nothing too important but life is good!