Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Halloween 09 in logan

Wesley as Max from "Where the wild things are."
Cousins go trick or treating!

We all went swimming too in the hotel and welsey loves drinking water especially from a fountain.

Some pics from Halloween in Logan. Sistas- i will send you all more pics if you want but this is just a couple. they were all so cute!

Ibex bouldering

Before it got too cold we were able to go to Ibex to do some bouldering. Ibex is by Delta and there are many fun boulders to climb and sand everywhere, its beautiful. Wesley really loved playing in the sand and so did we. Some places with lots of sand we climbed and if we fell its much nicer than falling and trying to aim for the mat. Anyway we went with some friends and camped a couple of days and had a great time with them.
Dannys crooked back-flip.

Some random old car that wesley liked to play in but was a but too rusty and dangerous.
Funny face wesley after he woke up from a nice sandy nap.

more cool routes

Wesley also loved this old thang, whatever it was it kept him busy and happy.