Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2 week Vancouver Road Trip Day 2 and 3

This was the third day of our trip. We biked and camped in deschutes then drove here, hiked some hikes then got on the road to Portland or our next day of riding.This was the second hike in cascade locks. This was toward the end of the hike. We wanted to jump in here so bad, wish we had other clothes to change into.

wesley loved all of this adventure. this was again the second hike that day.

This is the first cool hike in cascade locks, so green!!

This was day two (not in order)We went on a cool bike ride in deschutes oregon and camped there next ot the river.

our little ride next to the deschutes river. wesley sporting his pink helmet the only one in his size we could find fast! he he.

Friday, July 17, 2009

2 week Vancouver Road Trip Day 1

DAY 1 but more to come:
Danny, Wesley and I went on a 2 week climbing, biking, hiking camping road trip with our good friends Brooke and John. Our main destination was Vancouver but we sure had a lot of fun on the way there and back. We hiked, biked, climbed, and camped in idaho, oregon, washington and Vancouver. WE had such a good time but it sure wore us out. Wesley did really good, hes such a trooper. Hes the adventurous kind so we think he enjoyed it. He keeps himself pretty busy since he had no TV which he is used to anyway. We are very proud of him and are grateful that he put up with our activities and he let us enjoy such a long good trip. The Shoshone waterfalls in Idaho are awesome. if you want to see Niagara falls but cant, then go see Shoshone falls. This is only day one!

we are very happy about our climbing gear purchases they worked great! we would like to learn how to trad climb but thats so much more expensive stuff so we just sport climb and boulder.

Our first stop was here at this great climbing place in Idaho Shoshone falls. Quiet, good climbs and easy access. Wesley was sure tired and brooke n john helped us out with him alot. We lead climb here and it was awesome, danny took a good fall and thats what you want so you know that you'll be alright.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

beautiful june wedding

My good long time friend ( Andy) whom i grew up with since i was a baby got married this june. Andy and Jen his wife now are perfect for each other. Since Andy is such a good ole friend of mine whom i love very much i am so glad that he found Jen cuz she rocks! We cant wait to hang out more with them even though they are far away. we miss them but we will be going on their honeymoon with them to costa rica and cant wait!!! Below is: the bates and the newly weds, and below that is me, the newly weds, and two of my sisters .we missed those who couldnt make it!

getting jiggy wid it! some of my sistas. wesley was breakin out some groovey moves too!

andy and jens wedding the beginning. chloe, wesleys cousin is so cute!