Monday, March 16, 2009

St. George Climbing trip march 2009

Danny rocks the rock

Wesley liked to try and climb on the rocks. We let him climb to the top on one by himself i looks like but mom was holding on to him right behind. Jeremy wants to be a model supposedly from the looks at his GQ pose!

Wesley had fun in the sun and got really dirty both days but loved playing in the dirt.

This here with the white helmet on is my first lead climb yay! For those that dont know what lead climbing is its where rope is not hooked to the top, you climb a couple of feet and clip in climb a little clip climb a little clip and so on till the top. It was a little scary cuz if i did fall i would fall a couple of feet and hit the rock but at least not all the way to the ground. i had good coaching from mike derrrick. At the end you finally securely clip into the top and come on down. it was super fun so i would like to get better at it

This area is Black rock. Wesley took a nice little nap in his port-a-crib that day, so carrying the crib there was worth it!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Florida Keys

It has been a about a month since we went to the Florida Keys for Dannys work but here are some Photos from it. I was a great trip. We has awesome views from out porch, we ate a lot of great food at the fancy dinners, and we got to play and relax a lot in the sun. Wesley found a little Italian girl friend on the trip. They just chasing each other, talking and they both fell asleep one night so we made them little chairs beds and they slept a little so we could stay out a little later yay! Some of the pictures are blurry or a little dark, we have not figured out how to use out camera very well but it still takes some good ones.They had great fish tanks at the restaurant and a great piano bar that we sat at and sang some fun songs. It was amazingly beautiful there as you can see. We had so much fun, its nice to get away from the snow and we cant wait till next year to do it again.

We had a lot of fun in the sun. Wesley loves swimming and hes very independent and daring. He tries to swim by himself until he sinks but hes pretty good at holding his breath and blowing bubbles. He loved the playgrounds in the sand and going boating in the lake and we did too! It wasnt the warmest that we hoped for but the pools were heated.