Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter blues hits me hard and i feel bad for Danny who has to be around this grumpy girl the most. The shoveling, the scraping, the slipping on ice and being cold is not my idea of a fun season. Yeah sure you look outside and its beautiful when you see the fresh fallen snow, the white city, but for the most part, time to enjoy it is limited. Things are more expensive it seems and things just get to be a hassle. But since Wesley seems to enjoy the snow i do like it more because of that but i get cautious for him Since age is creeping up on me i cant do the things i used to, i get hurt easier and recover slower so having fun in the snow is not as fun when you have to be more cautious. I hate being too cautious when it comes to adventure. With some things like summer sports and activities i don't know before I'm probably going to get hurt but when i go snowboarding i know i most likely probably will since it wont be as much fun if i don't come close to being hurt. I also know that going skiing or snowboarding is super cool so hey how can i stop when the pressure is on and i am striving in life to be so cool by freezing my ace off and throwing myself down a mountain. However there are some rare cases that the snow is so good that you can do whatever and you dont feel like you wasted your money or time. I guess I'm not cool enough to say that i like it no matter what, or I'm a snow snob, but whatever it is i just like to have fun, stay warm and not get hurt in the snow. For some odd reason in my mind i would rather hurt myself climbing, biking, playing soccer or whatnot. To me snow is only good for falling in when very deep, giving the earth moisture and looking pretty, other than that i say "i hate you snow you depress me, you need to be warmer and not so slippery ok!!The sun is very nice to me, i love outdoors and to me its better when its warm and maybe i just like the actual activities more. Anyway here is a video clip(my front flip attempt) of a great day in the snow that makes me and snow have a better relationship. It was good to me one or two days out of the year cuz i could try this and know i wouldnt get hurt.
front flip attempt

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I have to post this comment to really get it out so here it is: P.S. I really suck at the layouts of our posts and forget to spell check. Sorry i get too lazy to organize them all nice. Hope they are ok enough to read anyway. Happy Holidays to you all!

Thankgiving in AZ and Chicago

Thanks gving in Arizona was fun and warm.We were able to enjoy the weather and be outside. On Thanksgiving day we ran the Mesa Turkey Trot which was 6.2 miles. It was alot of fun and no hills like Utah. Then of course we ate a bunch and then hung out and played some fun games. The Danny and I went to Chicago for his works sales shindig and that was a lot of fun too but we sure missed Wesley a lot since we left him with his aunt Vanesa for 4 days. While danny worked hard I hung out with another lady and we went to some great art museums, an aquarium and looked around town a bit. It was freezing, windy cold, snowy, bitter cold and did i mention freezing. The cold air that comes off of the Lake just bits through your clothes especially badly when its windy. However it was still fun and beautiful. We got to walk around a little the first day since it was not that bad but most days were too cold to even walk a couple of blocks. Dannys work payed for the expenses there and they took us out to such nice restaurants. Its a very classy exciting city and if it werent for those colder than utah winters i would move there. Maybe i would anyway but it seems like the older i get the less i like the cold. So Chicago was really fun and the huge McCormick center where danny had his Radiology Marketing thingy was huge. The boothes were practically little house inside the center. Well then I flew back to Az to get Wesley and hes seemed a little shocked and confused when he saw me. I thought he would run up and give me a hug but know it was more like hey where have you been and dont you ever do that again. He just starred at me for a while. Since then the last couple of days he has been more clingy but thats ok i love the comfort of his clinginness. well then in Az Danny returned a couple of days after me and we hung out in Az for a little while longer playing fun games going to see fake snow in Tempe and listening to a band there as well. Wesley loved the music there he was dancing around and looking for friends to talk to, i think he was that bands biggest fan. And then the good times came to an end. Thanks to everyone in Az for thier great hospitality and fun.