Thursday, August 27, 2009

2 year-old fun

Wesley is getting so big and smart. He started preschool last wed and he loved it and they loved him, its a great place not just daycare and its perfect for when i go to work! He turned two this July and has been a very good two year-old so far. He loves singing the alphabet and his numbers in English and Spanish. Hes doesnt know them all but quite a few. He knows a lot of words in English and Spanish and he can pretty much copy anything we say which means we gotta watch what we say! ha. he has gone pee and poop in the toilet once but we got lucky he likes using the toilet but just doesn't know when, no rush.WE had a July birthday bash for 3 kids. Wesley, Braden and Dax. We had a bbque pool party at our house and it was a blast

Dawnya jumping off the top with Luke ya!
Smile Wes! happy 2 year old b-day! we love you

the july birthday boys-dax, wesley and braden
wesley loves to wear these mr. potato head glasses.
he also loves to sing and found a microphone outside (a sprinkler head)


Matt & Crush said...

I just love that little guy! He's so cute! Cant believe he's already 2! Love the glasses and the "microphone."

Ashley, Mike and Kiddos said...

That is so funny about the potato head glasses...Payten (who is also 2 years old) loves to wear them too!!! It just cracks us right up! Cute, cute!