Sunday, August 09, 2009

The mother load of pics Vancouver road trip day 5 6 7 8 9 10

Here is a load of pics from our vancouver trip that we wanted to still share. there is still more to come but it takes too long for my patience. The order is backwards and not very organized sorry. Our friend Booke and John had to leave early so we missed them on the rest of the trip. Below is Day 10 Vancouver Island/Victoria Island camping and sightseeing. Cold dirty beach but beautiful buildings. great place to retire!

More Day 10 Car Ferry to Sydney BC/Victoria Island

Day 9 bike around Vancouver. Stanley park was amazing. Wes loved the little water zone area. Then we camped at Birch Beach.

Still day 9 more pics biking around Vanvoucouver

Day 8 China gardens in vancouver. Day 8 we saw and covered a lot of areas.

Day 8 More of the top of the gondola to see the city.

More Day 8 Some bridge pics and a 2 mile hike straight up to see the whole city and ate dinner up top!

And more Day 8 Sightseeing Vancouver and their Famous tall and long bridge/park (i forget the name of the bridge). We took a bus then a boat then a bus to get here. Great public transportation!

Day 7 climbing at Squamish (climbing barefoot a first and not recommended)

Day 6 lots of driving, arriving in Vancouver, and eating

Day 5 Seattle and desolation pass where we camped.

Day 5 Climbing at Mt Erie with the beautiful puget sound in the back!

The 4 th day riding around Portland, it was a little cold at times.

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Loree said...

i definately need to put vancouver on my TO VISIT list! thanks for the inspiration :)