Thursday, October 01, 2009

some new stuff

We have had a great end of summer and here are some pics from some recent activities.
me and wes at octoberfest. yummy kettle corn
wesleys new haircut. very different but we think its cute
wesley loves trucks so he really liked his pic with this big one
hike to the top of snowbird
hotel room at snowbird after octoberfest. i know we only live like 20 min away but it was fun
me and wes on alpine slide

bouncing around at the octoberfest
american fork-me climbing membrane

after preschool, they didnt even put a paint shirt on him!
first day of preschool
danny free climbing joes valley

joes valley

joes valley bouldering
gathering for a big fire
maple canyon, one of out favorite places to climb -dannyme
me, wes, ashley and asher trying to warm up!

It was a great summer and loved the warmth but now we have to survive the winter by playing in the snow i guess.

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Ashley & Aaron said...

What fun adventures! Looks like you guys are having so much fun! Love you