Tuesday, September 01, 2009

30th bday blast

So my sisters and my mom all came to slc for my 30th b-day. we decided to celebrate by floating in the air at I fly in ogden utah. Its pretty cool even 3 year-old could do this. It was so fun just floating every where up and down and twirling around. We went there and then ate some lunch at a sushi place. We also went to a comedy club which was pretty funny too and much more. It was fun to see and hang out with them again. Alyse really wanted to ride this black horse. This was after we had a great sushi lunch! I didnt have any pics of sareah and crishelle but hopefully briannes got em in her camera.
my mom spinning around
good skydiving form by momma j
dawnya light as a feather
me floating way up there

i couldnt get the glasses over my big nose hehe. j/k
dawnya sporting the blue suit
crishelle and sareah in the black suits
me and momma j in the green
we always have fun with sleeping babies. alyse was an easy target for some late-night fun.


anderson's said...

Ahhh, I love you girlies! Happy Birthday!

Matt & Crush said...

That was a fun weekend. Thanks for turning the big 3-0 and suggesting ifly!
p.s. that baby of mine is super cute! ha

danymalena said...

Wow!!! that looks like quite a blast!!! you guys can always fit a little excitement into life!!! love ya.

Loree said...

happy late birthdaY! i fly looks like an awesome place! hope your
30's are great :)PS is that all your sisters? what fun for you!